Immunisations are an important way to protect you, your family and the wider community from a range of diseases. They are also an important consideration when travelling overseas.

We provide a comprehensive immunisation service for all childhood and travel immunisations. At Illawarra Medical Centre, we use the SmartVax program for monitoring vaccine safety. The SmartVax program was developed by our very own principal GP – Dr Alan Leeb.

We regularly stock all the childhood immunistaions that form part of the National Immunisation Program Schedule, as well as immunisations to suit your individual travel plans and needs. For more information on recommended vaccines for travel destinations, visit the Travel Medicine Alliance (TMA) website or book an appointment with one of our GPs today.

To book an appointment to discuss your specific immunisation requirements, please phone our Reception on (08) 9208 6400. Please note: these appointments require a longer appointment, so please notify our Reception when booking for any type of immunisation.



We use the SmartVax program for monitoring vaccine safety.

Developed by our own principal GP – Dr Alan Leeb – SmartVax is a software program that uses SMS technology to actively monitor the safety of all vaccines given in general practice and immunisation clinics across Australia.

Most vaccines have minor expected side effects, such as low grade fever, pain or redness at the injection site, as they stimulate the body’s immune system.

It’s important to monitor these reactions to ensure ongoing patient safety, and that’s where SmartVax comes in.

Shortly after immunisation, patients will receive an automated text enquiring about any adverse reaction to the immunisation, with further details sought when adverse reactions have been experienced.

Participation is entirely voluntary and your care will not be impacted if you choose not to participate.

To find out more, visit the SmartVax website or speak with your GP.